FAQ- Fluorinar™ Kynar® Filament

Fluorinar™ Kynar® Filament


What diameter and color options are available in the PVDF filament?

Our Fluorinar™ filaments come 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameters. You can also have this filament in any color as long as you choose natural! Kynar® PVDF is an exceptionally clean polymer. This is related to the careful attention to detail provided by Arkema throughout the manufacturing process. Extraction levels of metal ions are measured at the ppb level in Kynar®. We feel that adding iron oxide, titanium dioxide or carbon black just for cosmetic purposes is a step in the wrong direction. If you want to compound Kynar PVDF with a specific additive that delivers improvements in material properties then please contact us. We are interested!

How soon will my order ship?

Fluorinar™ 3D filament is an off-the-shelf item that will ship within 24 hours of order placement. If we can’t meet this deadline we will contact you with a revised shipment date.

Can I get a copy of your ISO 13485 certification for your PVDF filament?

Yes. Our Fluorinar™ Kynar® filament is produced in a ISO 13485 facility and a certificate of complianceis available for your filament.

What print parameters should I use for a successful print?

1. Print on a glass bed heated to 100 C.
2. Use a light layer of Elmer’s disappearing purple glue on the glass for adhesion. Other PVA adhesives have not been as effective.
3. Print with a single layer 10 – 15 mm brim attached to the part.
4. Maximize part surface area in contact with the print bed.
5. Print at 250 C.
7. Layer height can be 0.1 – 0.2 mm.
8. Print speed should be around 10 – 30 mm/s.
9. If the part is small it will help to print in duplicate as the most recent layer on the first part is allowed to cool while the layer on the second part is printing.
10. Keep the cooling fans turned off. Fluorinar™ likes to run hot.