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PVDF is available now. The ECTFE and ETFE filaments are available as sample.If you want more information now, just send us an email.PVDF is available now. The ECTFE and ETFE filaments are available as sample.If you want more information now, just send us an email.PVDF is available now. The ECTFE and ETFE filaments are available as sample.If you want more information now, just send us an email.

PVDF is available now. The ECTFE and ETFE filaments are available as sample.
If you want more information now, just send us an email.PVDF is available now. The ECTFE and ETFE filaments are available as sample.If you want more information now, just send us an email.PVDF is available now. The ECTFE and ETFE filaments are available as sample.If you want more information now, just send us an email.

Fluorinar™ PVDF 3D FIlament

PVDF Filament for Industrial 3D Printing

Amazing Results: Fluorinar™ PVDF filament delivers quality prints

Fluorinar™ Kynar® 3D Filament

Nile Polymers is pleased to announce our new Fluorinar™ filament made from Kynar® PVDF.  Available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameters, our 3D printing filament is ideal for printing applications in chemical or high-temperature environments.  Outstanding properties of our PVDF filament include:

  • Upper use temperature of 150 C
  • Long-term performance in direct contact with HCl, H2SO4, HF and HBr
  • UV resistant for years of sunlight without loss of mechanical properties
  • Low coefficient of friction for exceptional material release
  • Gamma ray sterilization without loss of tensile strength
  • Zero flame spread
  • Ion extraction at ppb levels
  • USP Class VI
  • Lot traceability
  • ISO 13485 filament available
  • 100% Kynar® PVDF: no additives, stabilizers, plasticizers, fillers or colorants

There are no perfect materials for every 3D printing application.  However,  Fluorinar™ filament will provide high-quality prints for prototypes, one-off prints or small production runs> These prints can be used in environments which exceed the capabilities of other 3D print materials.  Fluorinar™ parts are made to be used and not stored on the shelf.  When you need Kynar® PVDF, nothing else will work.

Our PVDF filament is a low surface energy material so it does not adhere well to most surfaces.  Print adhesion can be tough to get unless you know one thing: Elmer’s disappearing purple glue stick.  Apply this adhesive evenly to a clean glass print surface.  Heat the printing bed to 100 C and extrude the Fluorinar™ filament at 240 – 260 C.  Print speed can be set between 10 – 40 mm/s.  Turn off the print surface cooling fans and get ready to see results as good as any other material available today. Video examples of 3D printing with our PVDF filament can be found at the Nile Polymers YouTube Channel. Additional 3D printed PVDF parts are shown on our Fluorinar™ product page.

Unlike other advanced polymers, printing with Fluorinar™ filament can be done on consumer-grade equipment at a material price that won’t break the bank.  Contact us today and order a 500 g spool of Fluorinar™ or a 5 m filament test sample and get ready to expand your printing possibilities.


Additional information about Fluorinar™ PVDF filament and PVDF in general can be found on the following pages:
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PVDF Filament for Industrial 3D Printing
Successful Prints with Fluorinar™ PVDF Filament



Chem Show 2017

Thanks for meeting Nile Polymers at the 2017 Chem Show in New York

We offer corrosion-resistant products made from Kynar® PVDF for the chemical process industry


Purisan™ PVDF Mixers

Kynar® injection-molded impellers and Kynar® powder coated shafts. Impellers are available up to 6 inch diameter and shafts up to 1.25 inch diameter and 7 feet in length.


Strong-Ty™ PVDF Cable Ties

Made from Kynar® and available in 4 and 8 inch lengths. These ties are manufactured for high-purity, industrial and sterile applications.


SaniConnect™ Snap Lock Fittings

With Kynar® on all wetted surfaces and available for 6 mm or 3/16 inch tubing, these fittings are ideal for high-purity gas transport or consumer beverage applications.


Fluorinar™ Kynar® Filament

Available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameter sizes for the most demanding 3D print applications in the chemical process industry.

Our presentation on the Use of PVDF in Additive Manufacturing is also available for review.

Kynar PVDF in PV Field

UV Resistant Cable Ties Strong after 10,000 hours in Hell

Strong-Ty™ Cable Ties with Kynar® PVDF: unchanged after long-term UV exposure


Wire and cable management on the photovoltaic backplane is critical for safety and electrical production continuity. Why jeopardize an entire array installation with cable ties made from substandard materials? Even behind photovoltaic panels, polyamide and polyethylene cable ties will fail in reflected UV radiation. It’s only a question of time.

Arkema, the manufacturer of Kynar® PVDF, has completed a 10,000-hour Xenon arc accelerated weather exposure. The results show that all versions of Kynar Flex® have very little change in either tensile strength or elongation and show that Strong-Ty cable ties are the most UV resistant cable ties available today.

Strong-Ty™ Cable Ties are made with Kynar® PVDF and provide maximum UV resistant cable ties for photovoltaic applications

This long-term exposure to UV builds on a more than 50-year exposure history of Kynar 500® to sunlight in a south Florida testing center.  Video showing test results from this ongoing study can be seen here. Strong-Ty™ cable ties are made from 100% Kynar® PVDF and provide the maximum UV resistance for PV wire and cable management. Available in a natural color, Strong-Ty™ cable ties do not require the addition of carbon black or UV inhibitors to provide long-term dependable outdoor performance.



Purisan Mixer Shafts

Purisan™ Powder Coated Mixer

Purisan™ PVDF Mixers: a powder coated shaft with injection molded blades

For many applications PVDF powder coatings provide a high purity surface while eliminating corrosion problems. However, a completely powder coated mixer is not the optimal material choice. Consider the leading edge of impeller blades. During daily use this surface comes in contact with the solution and all that it contains. Powder coating along the leading edge of the impeller are prone to rapid wear and exposure of the metal substrate leading to process contamination and mixer failure.

Purisan™ PVDF Mixers

Purisan™ PVDF Mixer

Purisan™ PVDF mixers lead the way in custom assemblies

Before Purisan™ PVDF mixers, ordering a high-purity or corrosion resistant mixer was painful. First you called a mixer company, who manufactured the shaft and impeller. They delivered the mixer to a powder coating company who prepared the surface and applied the coating. All of these steps take time and together create the two plus month delivery schedule typical in this industry. Want to shorten the lead time? That’s an expedited order and will cost extra.

Purisan™ Single Use Mixers

Purisan™ Single Use Mixers

Single-Use Mixer: key component in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Disposable bag technology is important in minimizing cost and contamination in biopharm production.  When mixing is required, Purisan™ Kynar® PVDF single-use mixers can be incorporated directly into the bag prior to gamma sterilization. The Kynar® PVDF prop is injection molded and threads onto a Kynar® PVDF coated shaft. The final mixer is cleaned, assembled and packaged in a clean room following ISO 13485 certified procedure.

ISO 10993 Mixer

Purisan™ ISO 10993 Mixer

ISO 10993 Testing

The Nile Polymers Fluorostretch™ fluoroelastomer has passed ISO 10993 cytotoxicity testing. Patented by DuPont almost 60 years and sold under the Viton® tradename, the FKM fluoroelastomer is a PVDF and HFP Type I copolymer as defined in the ASTM D1418 standard. Fluorostretch™ fluoroelastomer plays an integral part in the Purisan™ PVDF mixers by preventing contamination and corrosion in the threads which join the powder coated stainless steel shaft with the injection molded impeller.

PV Cable Ties

Strong-Ty™ PV Cable Ties are UV Resistant

Strong-Ty™ Cable Ties: long-term UV resistance made possible by Kynar® PVDF

Strong-Ty™ PVDF cable ties are made from Kynar® PVDF

Current photovoltaic (PV) arrays have a 25-year plus life expectancy. However, the nylon and polyethylene cable ties can fail in a matter of months due to UV exposure, temperature extremes and high humidity. These materials are used in cable ties because they are cheap and by themselves are not UV resistant. The possibility of failure makes system-wide inspections of cable ties a constant requirement in order to prevent ground fault failures.

Sterile Cable Ties

Strong-Ty™ PVDF Cable Ties

Strong-Ty™ Cable Ties: sterile cable ties made with Kynar® PVDF


Strong-Ty™ PVDF cable ties can be sterilized by gamma radiation without any negative effects to material properties. The result is a cable tie ready for high purity applications in single-use pharmaceutical manufacturing or medical device equipment.

Cable Ties

Cable Tie Material Properties

Strong-Ty™ Cable Ties: Kynar® PVDF provides superior performance compared to other cable tie polymers

Strong-Ty™ Kynar® Cable Ties

The most common plastics used to manufacture cable ties are polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. These commodity plastics can come from thousands of sources including original manufacturers, compounders, and recyclers. Often the point of origin is price dependent and can change with each production run. While these cable ties are inexpensive, their performance in critical applications is inadequate and prone to failure.

Regulatory Issues

Strong-Ty™ Compliance

Strong-Ty™ Cable Ties: Kynar® PVDF satisfies international regulations

Strong-Ty™ Kynar® Cable Ties

Concerns about material safety and traceability are more important than ever as cable ties made from inferior materials flood the market. In mission-critical applications polymer substitution or manufacturing shortcuts are unacceptable. How confident are you in your current cable tie? What materials, including additives, stabilizers, fillers, plasticizers and regrind are part of your final cable tie product? Are all of these components acceptable and can you trace each of them back to the point of origin?

Chemical Resistance

Strong-Ty™ PVDF Chemical Resistance

Strong-Ty™ Cable Ties: chemical resistance that you require

Strong-Ty™ Kynar® Cable Ties

We choose to make our Strong-Ty™ cable ties from Kynar® PVDF and have never looked back. Kynar® PVDF offers a wider range of chemical resistance compared to other polymers. When your cable tie application involves aggressive chemical exposure at elevated temperatures, you need Kynar® PVDF. The following chart from Arkema shows the corrosion resistant properties of PVDF compared with commodity plastics such as polypropylene, polyvinylidene chloride, polyvinyl chloride, and polyester.  Because they are made from Kynar® PVDF, our cable ties can be fully traced back to the point of manufacture.

PVDF Powder Coating

Kryptonar™ PVDF Powder Coating

Choosing the Kryptonar™ PVDF Coating System

There are a variety of PVDF coating materials available on the market. We have selected the Kyptonar™ material based on a balance between material cost and performance. Nile Polymers has found that many powder coating applicators have made sizeable investments in ovens and coating equipment and yet continue to only use epoxy and polyester materials. Kryptonar™ PVDF is an easy introduction to the world of fluoropolymer coatings.

High Purity PVDF Coatings

Kryptonar™ High Purity PVDF

Kryptonar™ Powder: high purity PVDF coating system

Kryptonar™ PVDF sets a new industry standard for extractable metal ions in a partially fluorinated polymer. Results from metal ion extraction testing at Balazs Labs using the Semi F57 procedure look very good. Your final products are only as good as your powder coating material so when you need to be clean, choose Kryptonar™ powder for your high purity PVDF coatings and eliminate the contamination.

Kynar® PVDF Chemical Resistant Cable Ties