PVDF Powder Coating

Kryptonar™ PVDF Powder Coating

Choosing the Kryptonar™ PVDF Coating System

There are a variety of PVDF coating materials available on the market. We have selected the Kyptonar™ material based on a balance between material cost and performance. Nile Polymers has found that many powder coating applicators have made sizeable investments in ovens and coating equipment and yet continue to only use epoxy and polyester materials. Kryptonar™ PVDF is an easy introduction to the world of fluoropolymer coatings.

High Purity PVDF Coatings

Kryptonar™ High Purity PVDF

Kryptonar™ Powder: high purity PVDF coating system

Kryptonar™ PVDF sets a new industry standard for extractable metal ions in a partially fluorinated polymer. Results from metal ion extraction testing at Balazs Labs using the Semi F57 procedure look very good. Your final products are only as good as your powder coating material so when you need to be clean, choose Kryptonar™ powder for your high purity PVDF coatings and eliminate the contamination.

Kynar® PVDF Chemical Resistant Cable Ties