Purisan Mixer Shafts

Purisan™ Powder Coated Mixer

Purisan™ PVDF Mixers: a powder coated shaft with injection molded blades

For many applications PVDF powder coatings provide a high purity surface while eliminating corrosion problems. However, a completely powder coated mixer is not the optimal material choice. Consider the leading edge of impeller blades. During daily use this surface comes in contact with the solution and all that it contains. Powder coating along the leading edge of the impeller are prone to rapid wear and exposure of the metal substrate leading to process contamination and mixer failure.

Purisan™ PVDF Mixers

Purisan™ PVDF Mixer

Purisan™ PVDF mixers lead the way in custom assemblies

Before Purisan™ PVDF mixers, ordering a high-purity or corrosion resistant mixer was painful. First you called a mixer company, who manufactured the shaft and impeller. They delivered the mixer to a powder coating company who prepared the surface and applied the coating. All of these steps take time and together create the two plus month delivery schedule typical in this industry. Want to shorten the lead time? That’s an expedited order and will cost extra.

Purisan™ Single Use Mixers

Purisan™ Single Use Mixers

Single-Use Mixer: key component in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Disposable bag technology is important in minimizing cost and contamination in biopharm production.  When mixing is required, Purisan™ Kynar® PVDF single-use mixers can be incorporated directly into the bag prior to gamma sterilization. The Kynar® PVDF prop is injection molded and threads onto a Kynar® PVDF coated shaft. The final mixer is cleaned, assembled and packaged in a clean room following ISO 13485 certified procedure.

ISO 10993 Mixer

Purisan™ ISO 10993 Mixer

ISO 10993 Testing

The Nile Polymers Fluorostretch™ fluoroelastomer has passed ISO 10993 cytotoxicity testing. Patented by DuPont almost 60 years and sold under the Viton® tradename, the FKM fluoroelastomer is a PVDF and HFP Type I copolymer as defined in the ASTM D1418 standard. Fluorostretch™ fluoroelastomer plays an integral part in the Purisan™ PVDF mixers by preventing contamination and corrosion in the threads which join the powder coated stainless steel shaft with the injection molded impeller.