Kryptonar™ PVDF Powder Coating

PVDF Powder Coating

Choosing the Kryptonar™ PVDF Coating System

There are a variety of PVDF coating materials available on the market. We have selected the Kyptonar™ material based on a balance between material cost and performance. Nile Polymers has found that many powder coating applicators have made sizeable investments in ovens and coating equipment and yet continue to only use epoxy and polyester materials. Kryptonar™ PVDF is an easy introduction to the world of fluoropolymer coatings.

Easy to apply and quick to build thickness the result is a beautiful coating ready for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor and chemical process industries.

Certified Kryptonar™ PVDF Applicator Program

Nile Polymers is pleased to announce our certified Kryptonar™ applicator program. Submit a coated sample for testing and analysis and based on the results we will issue a qualified applicators certification or provide additional suggestions for coating improvement. Please contact us for additional details and we will get you started.

High Purity PVDF Coating System


Kryptonar™ PVDF Powders.

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