Purisan Mixers

Purisan™ Kynar® Mixers

Purisan™ Kynar® Mixers

Polyvinylidene fluoride or PVDF has been used for decades in demanding chemical environments where corrosion resistance and absolute purity are required. PVDF is commonly known by the tradename Kynar® and is manufactured by Arkema. Purisan™ Kynar® mixers build upon this legacy.

Purisan™ impellers are injection molded from Kynar® which meets USP Class VI test requirements. These solid impellers eliminate the primary failure of powder coated impellers: wear and abrasion on the leading edge of the blade. Continuous wear on the powder-coated surface exposes the underlying metal substrate resulting in corrosion and process contamination. Because Purisan™ impellers are solid Kynar® there is no risk of corrosion failure or metal contamination.

All Purisan™ PVDF impellers are mounted to a Kynar® powder coated 316 SST shaft using a threaded connection. The shaft is manufactured from pump shaft quality (PSQ) round stock. The impeller and shaft use a uniform thread size which allows rapid replacement without the cost and downtime of an entirely new fabrication. The impeller threads are isolated from contamination by the use of an ISO 10993 FKM fluoroelastomer gasket.

Purisan™ PVDF impellers are injection molded and packaged in a cleanroom environment. After assembly and testing, the assembled Purisan™ mixer is IPA wiped, bagged and packaged for final shipment. Purisan™ PVDF mixers represent a revolution in design, performance, and reliability.


Purisan™ Mixer Data Sheet


Purisan™ 4″ PVDF Impeller Drawing
Purisan™ 5″ PVDF Impeller Drawing
Purisan™ 6″ PVDF Impeller Drawing
Purisan™ PVDF Mixer Drawing – 0.75″ Diameter Shaft
Purisan™ PVDF Mixer Drawing – 1.00″ Diameter Shaft
Purisan™ PVDF Mixer Drawing – 1.25″ Diameter Shaft